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Discover Class

This is a class designed to help the participant Discover...

           - Church Membership (101) - What is the church and how can I be a part?

           - Spiritual Maturity (201) - What tools are available and necessary to reach my potential in God?

           - My Ministry (301) - What gifts has God entrusted me with to use for His Kingdom?

           - My Mission (401) - What is my purpose as a believer and how can it be accomplished?

Marriage & Family

This class is for all married couples regardless of age or how long you have been married.  If you are married and your spouse cannot attend, you are welcome to come.

The class will involve the study of various families in the Bible. We will be learning from their experiences and making application to our current situations. A relaxed atmosphere will be used while encouraging open dialogue and discussion in the group.

Our goal is to strengthen family relationships and build a better home life through the teaching of Biblical principles.


Fundamental Bible teaching for everyday life, helping adults in spiritual and personal growth in Christian living.


Ministering to singles ages 18 and up with relevant Biblical instruction for a complex world. "Chasing Daylight is a call to live a life of blazing urgncy. We have but one life. We are give one opportunity to pursue our dreams and fulfill our divine purpose. Every moment counts, and we must engage them with fierceness and zeal. Put an end to passive observation, paralyzed by the need for perfect opportunity, and start seizing the raw, untapped potential of your life with God."

Join us for our Adult Life classes on Sunday morning! Classes are listed below...

located in the prayer room.

located in room 100.

located in the multi-purpose room in family life center.

located in the sanctuary.